Fall On The Potomac

It was one of the most beautiful fall days.

Temperatures in the low seventies. The sky radiated a perfect shade of blue. The sun kissed your face showcasing your inner glow. You know that pregnancy glow. It almost felt surreal as each step revealed an even more perfect afternoon if that was even possible as the sun glistened on the water as darkness covered the sky.

This definitely is not what one expects on the East Coast a week away from Thanksgiving. For an island girl like me, this was DIVINE. If only there were more fall days like today. I wouldn’t have to dream of warmer places with sand between my toes and waves crashing a shore.

The National Harbor features many fine restaurants and boutique shops along waterfront street. We’ve dined at Grace Mandarin and Bond 47. Both restaurant offers great views of the Potomac River. The macaroni and cheese from Bond is a taste we still savor over a year ago.

The harbor is a nice family gathering place. There’s the Children’s Museum, a playground with a carousel for a nominal fee of course, a green space for the kids to burn some energy and there’s even a sand pit. The kids and I always have a good visit.

Perhaps this will be our last trip before the even gets much cooler and if it is, I think it’s a perfect memory until Spring.


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