School is in Session

I really was looking forward to my baby girl starting her educational journey, but these prices are an atrocity! I know she needs the social development aspect, but honestly, she won’t be learning anything I couldn’t teach her at home. Why is the cost of early education so expensive?

My daughter will be three next month! 😥 She has not spent a day in daycare which means her educational foundation rests with us.

She’ll be off to school before I know it. Actually, if it was up to her she would be getting her backpack and getting on a school bus EVERY day. She has an infatuation with school buses; whenever she sees one she asks can she go to school. I dismiss this yearning by telling her all the things (ABCs, numbers, counting, shapes, etc) she must learn before she can actually go to school. This explanation seems to be working, at least for now.

I am a firm believer that EVERYTHING begins at home. Schools are merely there to aid our children’s development, not create it. Their first teacher should be home…whether that be mom or dad the role will vary in your household. With hubby working, I’ve been her main teacher. I have and will continue to work profusely with my daughter to ensure she’s ready for school when that time comes.

This post by no means is meant to brag nor am I eluding that I have all the answers, because I DON’T. We all have different teaching styles and our kids also learn differently. This post is meant to document this time in my daughter’s life. To share this wonderful moment with you. I am very proud of her accomplishments.

It has NOT been easy. At times I’ve yelled more than I should have, but which mama hasn’t? Today I’m proud to say my daughter has mastered the alphabet; not just by memory, but also by recognition.

She’s taught me so much during this process. I’ve learned what various animal babies are called. For instance, a kangaroo baby is called a joey. I learned about newts , umbrellabirds and wapiti . Do you even know what they are? Wapiti has been a big infatuation for the past few weeks. She constantly asks for us to show her pictures on our phones.

I haven’t used any formal books or curriculum. A lot of what she knows is from educational shows. I know they say too much screen time is bad for kid, but my daughter has been an avid television watcher from birth. Now I focus on educational shows such as Super Why, Wallykazam , Team Uomizoomi, Sesame Place, and Mickey Mouse and I interact with her while she’s watching television. Also, we identify shapes and letters every where we go and everywhere around the house.

My next focus is teaching her the difference between capital letters and lower case letters, number recognition and how to write. If you have any tips that worked for your toddler, please share.

The other night we picked up this workbook from BJs. I can’t wait for her to try it out!



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