My heart is breaking.

The tension in this country is thick. It’s deafening.

It’s like waking up on a summer morning and the fog is so thick you can’t even see a car length. You have no idea what’s ahead. This is how African-Americans feel every morning when we wake up in this country.

We don’t feel safe in our homes, not even in our churches.

Is this what someone living in America who is a law abiding citizen should worry about?

This is the height of racial tensioned that I’ve witness and raising four black children in America. I’m scared for their future. My heart breaks because I have no idea what they will endure.

Before you smy husband serves the military (14 years), his sister, cousins even his late dad served the Vietnam War. Clearly we’re a family who respects and honor this country.

We’re tired of posting articles and videos that shed light on the racial biases and injustices in this great nation and you’re tired of seeing and or reading. I get it.

So how do we fix it?

In my opinion the first step is accepting that WHITE PRIVILEGE EXISTS. If you can’t comprehend that then there’s no point in having a conversation.

The step is acknowledging that EQUALITY DOES NOT EXIST FOR ALL. If you’re of the “superior” race and you’re forcing your opinion on someone who shows you indisputable facts that says otherwise and you still refute. There’s no conversation to be had.

And before you say we ought to be glad we’re in this country that affords us these rights just remember we were once slaves and we weren’t free simply because white Americans thought it was the right thing to do. Many people lost there lives fighting for this freedom for which we were supposedly inhertied upon us by the founding fathers. THIS FREEDOM WHICH ALLOWS US TO PEACEFULLY PROTEST.

“All men are created equal…”

What will it take for you to stand up for equality and racial oppression?

Is it hearing pastors and let’s not forget all those loss of life at those to protect and setve. The list goes on and or.

Maybe, just maybe it’s the lynching of an 8 year old boy by white boys IN 2017. No These are the things I read about in history books. I NEVER thought for a second these things would happen in my lifetime. We shoukd be making progress but instead if feels we are moving towards resegregation.

Empathy goes ablong way but we don’t want to hear empty sentiments. Because you can’t truly understand because you’ll never be abke to walk in our shoes. You want to help? Those that understand the cause and see racial injustices and speaking up for others. Calling out their friends and making them uncomfortable. That’s how you can help.

It’s not often I voice my political viewpoints but I’m sick and tired of scrooling along my social media feeds, biting my tongue and telling myself to just breathe.

These are your friends, colleagues, heck even your family and you’re looking at them with disdain like how are you not understanding my plight? How are you not outrage with the utter disregard for human life?

Until we truly want the very best for each other. Not the mentality of I want what’s best for you as long as it’s not a threat to my popularity or success. I’m talking true selflessness. Then and only then can we start making american the greatest nation.
A concerned mom, wife, citizen.


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