Williamsburg Staycation

Listen, I will be the first to tell you that planning a trip to Williamsburg, VA was the last thing on my radar. I mean who wants to see old buildings, battlefields and such. Okay, I do but when it comes to vacation the island girl in me definitely surfaces. Where’s the beach? The alcoholic beverage while you soak up some rays?


We had an AH-MAZING time!

We couldn’t have picked a better week. The weather was wonderful. A few days it was as high as the 70’s. Yes, we’re talking February in Virginia! Thanks El Nino 😚

We spent an entire week exploring Williamsburg and as far south as Hampton, but all along it felt like something was missing until we strolled down the pedestrian only street traveling back in time seeing this forgotten world, the horse carriages. YES, this is Colonial Williamsburg. We’ve arrived. Our trip is complete.

What a great way to end our Williamsburg staycation.

I know the twins won’t remember this trip, but don’t worry I took more than enough pictures πŸ˜„;)

I look forward to visiting soon.

TIP Get a senior citizen National Park Pass if possible for only $10 and it’s good for the rest of your lifetime!


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