Emancipation Tree



My oldest walking toward what was Brown Cottage School





Exploring with grandma



There’s so much history around us if we just take the time to explore.

Driving onto the campus of Hampton University to the left of the marquee lies a piece of history that I’m sure so many people have driven pass without knowing. We certainly did.

This magnificent 98 feet diameter, 105 year old Emancipation Oak tree is quite unassuming until you take a walk behind it where you could truly experience this growing piece of art in all its glory.

Mary S Peake played an instrumental role as the Civil War began by teaching slaves to read and write under this tree. Later slaves listened to one of the earliest reading of the Emancipation Proclamation passed by President Lincoln in 1863.

You can read more about this historic Emancipation Oak.

There was something about this day that I’ll cherish being able to watch my kids run around with this tree as its backdrop…I was humbled, I felt pride. I felt hope. Mainly hope because when I look at the current state of our nation and I think we overcame slavery then truly we will be able to overcome the injustice and inequality. We must. Our future depends on it.


Learn your history, it’s not just black history, it’s OUR history.


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