Hello, Goodbye New York



Roller coaster

It was a spur of the moment drive to New Jersey and my girls were busy so I figured why not take a ride into the ??? New York.

It was another perfect fall day minus all the clouds that hugged the sky. There was no blue in sight! Was I going to let that damper my spirit? Absolutely not!

However, My spirit was quickly dampened when I called our fave restaurant in the city, Isabella’s, to my dismay, they were closed for a private function. I offered to do a pick up order. I held my breath while the receptionist checked on the feasibility. Zero. Zelch. Nada. The kitchen was CLOSED. (These words echoed in my head like a broken record)

She offered her apologies and suggested a similar restaurant but the damage was done. The heart wanted what the heart wanted or in this case my stomach wanted a crab cake sandwich from Isabella’s and Nothing else would do. Hubby said it best “The nerve of rich people” yes the Idignity!

Upon stepping onto the lawn in Central park I hit another high as I was by the views. Kids running around, friends enjoying lunch on the green while others read a book. New York once again captured your heart.

The kids were getting a little cold, we settled on a place called Tavern on the Green. It was the closest restaurant in sight.

While we waited in the lobby we enjoyed live music. My youngest was feeling the beat.

The menu selection was limiting but the prices were anything but limiting. You could feast on for a cold $195 or .

I had the French Toast because I wanted to see how it compared relative to Pierre’s in Southampton.

The was grandiose. Floor to ceiling glass doors that views of Central park. Little did I know this is synonymous with Central Park.


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