Just Another Sunday (or so we thought)…

We got up early, got dressed for church, yet, somehow we were late. Surprised? Nope, that’s the norm around here. Wish I could say it’s because of the kids, but if you know me then you know I’m more often than not fashionably late. I blame it on my island upbringing.

So, we dropped off our oldest in Sunday school and the twins in daycare. Nelle was quickly off playing. Batman was waiting by the door. I expected him to cry but he didn’t.

During service I kept checking my phone for that unwanted text saying “please come get your baby” but it never came.

We got home, snapped a few pics and I changed the kids into swimsuits so they could play in the water activity table while hubby started dinner.

Like I said, a normal Sunday, or so we thought…

The kids had a snack and a quick nap. After nap time Batman was relaxing with his dad watching the NFL football season kickoff. He didn’t want his mama!! My ego was hurt, but he wasn’t clinging to me and it felt good.

I went upstairs to watch the U.S Open Men’s Championship match featuring 1. Djokovic v/s 2. Federer. The game was rain delayed.

About an hour later our baby boy had a temperature of 103. I panicked. I quickly called the after-hours Dr. number and was instructed to rush him to the ER because he was having problems staying awake.

With heart pounding and big sister on my heel . I’m so grateful for her, she played and talked to him our entire 15 minute ride. I don’t know if she understood the magnitude of the moment but she didn’t even ask for Paw Patrol!

She kept me distracted while we found shapes and identified letters all around the waiting room. My son cried like never before, there was no consoling him. It breaks my heart recalling such a memory.

He was diagnosed with…. The worse four days ever! His fever kept fluctuating up and down, much like my nerves. He wouldn’t eat or drink anything. YOU KNOW MY BOY IS SICK WHEN HE REFUSES TO EAT.

Luckily for us, the girls didn’t contract his sickness. Mama was tired that week. Is it time for my vacation yet?


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