Merry Christmas

Ah, Christmas, my favorite time of the year…

I get a bit over zealous this time of year. Christmas can be seen just about everywhere you turn in my home but not this year.

My mom was off visiting family in Jamaica. The kids have been sick pretty much since Thanksgiving. I couldn’t get a break, one kid would get better but not before passing the cold to their sibling. At one point we were all sick except the hubby.

While I was exploring outdoors witnessing areas being transferred into Christmas spectacular inside their was this void that nothing seemed to fill. As a mom seeing your babies sick especially at this time of the year steals your joy.

On top of all this, we would be spending the first Christmas without my Father in law whom we lost early January. May your soul rest in peace Pop Pop. I’m glad you were able to spend a few months wiyh the twins but I certainly wish it was much longer.

This is the only sighting of Christmas in my home.

The grin check definitely stole Christmas but thankfully we were able to visit family


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