Panda World





Last weekend the rave was all about the Pandas at the Smithsonian National Zoo. People came out by the thousands. The line was long, everyone waiting anxiously in the cold to get a view of the newest member of the panda family, Bei Bei, making his grand entrance to the public at four months old.

Bei Bei, whose name means precious treasure, was born August 22, 2016.

Naming ceremony September 25th


We finally made it to the front of the line


Inside, the kids tried to get a better view of Bao Bao (Big sister)


During my research, I was surprised to learn that Bei Bei had a sister, Mei Xiang (May-SHONG)…YES! making them fraternal twins.

According to the National Zoo’s website, giant pandas give birth to twins approximately 50 percent of the time. Mei’s birth was only the third time a giant panda living in the United States has given birth to twins and only two other successful twins around the world.

Human intervention was crucial during the first week; they nursed (bottle and tube) and cared for the cubs when they weren’t with mom, Mei. Panda moms typically do better with single pregnancies. Unfortunately, the smaller cub passed away at just 4 days old.

The story of these Panda cubs will forever hold dear to my heart as I reflect on the first few weeks after giving birth to my fraternal twins. I wouldn’t have survived without the support of the nursing staff and my family.

Tian Tian (Dad)

Mei Xiang (Mom)

Bao Bao (Big sister)

So where are the pics of Bei Bei. Unfortunately the adorable little panda decided he’d rather have a nap. We didn’t even get a glimpse.

I guess this only means one thing – we’ll have to visit again soon. ☺

Stay warm my friends! Winter has awakened.


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