Zoo Enthusiasts?

Not exactly but I supposed you could say so.

After not visiting the National Zoo here we are back for our second visit within a week.

This visit was not planned though..

It was like any other Tuesday morning and we were off to the library for Storytime EXCEPT it was Veterans Day and the library was CLOSED. My daughter didn’t understand why she couldnt have storytime so in an attempt to cheer her up I blurted “were going to the zoo” and that’s how the zoo became the days’ adventure. When you manage to get all three kids plus yourself dressed (no yoga pants today) and out the door before 10 in the morning you don’t just go back home.

It was an easy drive into the city and we even found free parking just outside the zoo’s main entrance. All signs of a good day ahead right?

Yes, it was a lovely day. The kids had so much more fun this visit plus I had my 100 zoom lens to capture it all. Seeing a fox so close was scary. Everytime I look at this picture I get chills. It looked as if he was daring me to cross the fence.

We also saw beavers as they were fed a strict lunch consisting of lettuce and sweet potato. Lol

Speaking of beavers, my son decided it was a great idea to feed the beaver his shoe! Apparently he didnt think the beaver had enough to eat. I was standing there watching them and next thing I know my oldest started crying because she wanted me to rescue her brother’s shoe.

I found a branch to assist with the rescue but it was too short so after checking to ensure it was just a beaver sanctuary I hopped over the fence and rescued the shoe.

Can you believe we still didn’t see the entire zoo? I know one thing though, next trip I will be accompanied by another adult to help push the kids up that treacherous hill. IT WAS A STRUGGLE.


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