DS Barry:- Mommy & Me

It’s not often that I voluntarily wake up before 6:30 but it was a special day. The air was crisp but the occasional blue skies alone was worth the trip into the city. (Its been raining cats and dogs) I’m so glad we woke up early to see this.

We visited Yards Park last month and fell in love instantly. What’s not to love? The best part is the fact that it’s located on the outskirts of Washington DC so you can avoid the traffic and the crowds here. There’s so much to do here. Theres alot of swanky restaurants. I promise that you’ll love it here.

Display Ship Barry have been at the Navy Yard since 1984 but it was making its final journey along the Potomac River to Philadelphia where it will eventually be dismantled and sold for scraps.

Don’t be sad, there are big plans for the Navy Yard. You can read all about it here.

I’ve been to DC many occasions over the past four years but I’ve never seen the ? Bridge open. It was quite a treat. I can’t believe I typed that. Really a treat to see a drawbridge open?!! Who am I?

I can’t wait for the temperatures to warm up because I see our family spending many warm days here.

Have you visited Yards Park, what was your experience?

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