Williamsburg Staycation

Listen, I will be the first to tell you that planning a trip to Williamsburg, VA was the last thing on my radar. I mean who wants to see old buildings, battlefields and such. Okay, I do but when it comes to vacation the island girl in me definitely surfaces. Where’s the beach? The alcoholic beverage while you soak up some rays?


We had an AH-MAZING time!

We couldn’t have picked a better week. The weather was wonderful. A few days it was as high as the 70’s. Yes, we’re talking February in Virginia! Thanks El Nino 😚

We spent an entire week exploring Williamsburg and as far south as Hampton, but all along it felt like something was missing until we strolled down the pedestrian only street traveling back in time seeing this forgotten world, the horse carriages. YES, this is Colonial Williamsburg. We’ve arrived. Our trip is complete.

What a great way to end our Williamsburg staycation.

I know the twins won’t remember this trip, but don’t worry I took more than enough pictures πŸ˜„;)

I look forward to visiting soon.

TIP Get a senior citizen National Park Pass if possible for only $10 and it’s good for the rest of your lifetime!


The Jefferson at Christmas

I’ve explored the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC, quite a bit this past year. It seems only fair that I spread some love this holiday season to the surrounding areas…Virginia are you ready for the Johnson’s? After all, Virginia is for Lovers or so they say, plus it’s my adoptive state since my hubby grew up here.

I’ve been to Richmond many times but it never occurred to me to enjoy its rich history. It’s funny when you have kids how your perspective changes. Rather than seeking the hottest night scenes I’m now drawn to the coolest places to watch tree lighting and holiday lights on display. Who am I?

My MIL have been mentioning a visit to the Jefferson for years but I had no interest until now.

The historic Jefferson Hotel sits a few blocks from Richmond’s city center and VCU. Opened its doors in 1895. It is no longer the place where full size alligators swim in a marble pool inside the Upper lobby, Palm Court, but a tribute to those giant creatures lies just ouside the hotel’s doors.

A lifesize statue of Thomas Jefferson made of Carrera marble greets you in the expansive lobby.

The grandeur of the 36-step carpeted staircase, ornate fixtures and celing in the two story lobby gives you a glimpse of life a few centuries ago. Can you imagine the parties they had here?

The hotel was recently listed in the January’s edition of Southern Living magazine as one of the places to stay if visiting Richmond.

We were running late as usual and as luck would have it, valet parking was full. After looping the block a few times I feared I would miss the tree lighting ceremony but we made it.

Writing this article was such a learning experience for me. I truly enjoyed reading of the history of my adopted city. Richmonders be proud.

After exploring The Jefferson website you will be longing for a visit, I know I was. Many dignitaries and distinguished guests from the Clinton’s to the Obama’s have stayed here. If it’s good for them then it must be for you and me.

I will share my experience when I visit this spring. Until then….

DC Christmas Sightings

One of the best places to view lights in the city is the National Zoo. I recommend arriving about an hour before the zoo is transformed into the zoo of lights.

These pictures are not an accurate representation of the beauty you’ll see. It is definitely a family event. Your kids will enjoy being able to identify the many animal-shaped light displays.

The walk isn’t as daunting as a usual day trip to the zoo because only the main walkway is decorated and you won’t have access to the animals after dark.

Best of all its free, so grab the kids and go for a drive.



My gave thing about Hawaii is.thwir beacheas. Not for their beauty because I’m sure no one would despite their beaury. But what I love most is its accessibility. Hawaiians are big believers of the land and part of that native word for is all beaches are public. Yes you read correctly despite the mega mansions and exclusives hotels that hugs the beach shore their beaches are public. Accessible for any and everyone to enjoy .

When you drive along the highways and byways you lose track of the numerous public beaches awaiting it’s ???

Hawaiians have a great way of life. Means family and no one gets left behind. They a r e always out together grilling, fishing and just spensing.quality time.

I wish many other states would employ this way of life but in the end it all comes down to money.

Summer’s Last Weekend

The weekend I’ve been dreading has come and gone. The last weekend of summer. Say it ain’t so!

It was tiring but eventful.

We started off at 8 a.m with a princess photoshoot for Ms. Jayla’s birthday. The photographer was so patient with her. She was quite impressed that she wasn’t even three yet meanwhile I still can’t believe in less than a month I’ll have a three year old!!! Can time please SLOW down!

Afterwards we went on a trip to the nation’s capital for storytelling in the gardens. I had no idea we were heading to Georgetown. We read about apples and sang nursery rhymes before following our tour guide (my daughter) for a stroll in the garden.



Getting a little guidance


The finished product. Viola!


An apple craft to help us say bye, bye to Summer and hello to Fall


For lots more pics of our garden tour click here

After making the drive back home we picked up the twins and hubby and went to the Charles County Fair.

I can’t even recall the last time I’ve been to a fair. I probably was in high school. I graduated high school back in 2001 so that gives you an idea of just how long ago it’s been.

We watched goats and pigs compete for the coveted trophy and bragging rights. Lol it was actually quite entertaining. It was also entertaining watching my daughter tell kids that they couldn’t ride in the same cars with her. Lol

Mama still got it!!

I won my first attempt then lost the second game trying to upgrade my prize then my daughter wanted to play so I sat her on my lap and guess what…WE WON. She was too excited!!

Meet our new friend Marvin the monkey.

I don’t know what was more fun for her going on the rides or winning the monkey. I know for me it was seeing the excitement on her little face and spending quality time with my family.

We ended the night a little after 8 (an hour pass the twins bedtime) jamming and dancing to oldies.

Today was a good day!

Summer, I bit you adieu, until next year. πŸ˜₯

An Unexpected Blessings, Spilling the Beans

The day I dropped Jayla off for her first day of preschool, September 7th 2016, our lives would change forever. We gained an addition. What kind of additon? A cat? A dog? No. We gained a BABY! 😳
By this point I was pretty certain I was expecting our FOURTH baby. It was just a matter of taking the test and today was the day. I swear the two lines appeared instantaneously. I thought perhaps it’s wrong. That’s way too quick. But I knew it was right.

As the excitement of being pregnant again set in, I started planning different ways to tell the hubby. I wanted it to be special as the very first time we found out we were going to be parents.
After about two weeks of coming up with excuses for my growing belly. Bloatedness. Eating too much. Not exercising enough. Blah. Blah. Blah I decided it was time. I couldn’t hide it much longer. My belly was getting out of control. You should have seen it!
I thought about hiring a photographer but decided against it. In hindsight I wish I had but it doesn’t matter now.
Anyway we drove to the National Harbor that Sunday evening. It was a beautiful fall day. We missed sunset. I was a bit, okay, A lOT upset. I thought about not telling him but I had already bought tickets to ride the National Eye.
I called one of my girlfriends who talked me back up to doing it.
The is like the London Eye but on a much smaller scale. I wanted to do it somewhere we havent been.
I got the kiddos in on the fun. They had no idea what the signs said πŸ˜€
Whew, now a girl cab breathe. I can let my belly just hang lose, yesss!

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden:- Children’s Garden


Your kids will LOVE the Children’s Garden!

If they don’t, there’s something wrong, like seriously.

There’s something for everyone. Your inner-child might even resurface and you probably should oblige. You can pick a book from the storybook tree and enjoy the activities. They even provide a ground cover so you can get comfortable (unless you’re like me and travel with your own blanket). There’s a theatre area with costumes if your kids have a flare for the dramatics. There’s a splash pad and even a tree house, the perfect spot for a picnic. Who doesn’t love a tree house?

My baby had so much fun creating this masterpiece for me ☺ I often say she’s the sweetest thing, but she truly is.

They really left no stones unturned. There’s plenty to keep your kids busy and worn out just in time for a nap. Shhhh Don’t forget their bathing suits and some snacks! You can thank me later. He-he

If you visit the garden, please share your experience.