Time is constant, but we are always looking for more of it. For those days when I’m feeling lazy or I’m pressed for time, here’s something that’s not only nutritious and quick to whip up, but also really delicious! My two taste-testers, hubby and Ms. J, don’t mind 🙂


What you will need to prep:
1. Wash and slice 2 ZUCCHINI
2. Wash and slice 2 SQUASH
3. Chop 2 ONIONS
5. Marinate with Old Bay, Accent, Adobo, and black pepper, a large bag of thawed SHRIMP
6. Wash and chop 2 stems of BROCCOLI florets

Let’s get to it!
1. Saute half the onion, then add shrimp; cook and set aside


2. Sautee the rest of the onion, then add broccoli and cook for 5 minutes

3. Add zucchini; cook for another 5 minutes

4. Add squash; season with same spices from above


5. While veggies are cooking, season pasta and shrimp with above spices


6. Mix pasta with veggies and season to taste if needed


7. On low heat, let flavors simmer for about 10 minues


I like to add grape tomatoes for a punch of color during the last two minutes.

This will definitely be a recurring meal as soon as the twinsies can eat solid food :*)


Pork Chops: Where have you been?

With the ever increasing food prices, we decided to try pork chops last year and it’s been a family favorite since! At one point it was on a weekly rotation 🙂

Porkchops Porkchops1

The plantains (The key to the perfect plantains is making sure they are ripe but not too ripe) add a level of sweetness and the rice, gungo rice…this has replaced the infamous Jamaican Rice and Peas (many say Red Beans and Rice).

It tastes as good as it looks if not better 🙂

XO Stacey