The morning started off like most mornings where I head downstairs to make breakfast without any idea what I’m making but I often whip up something good 🙂  Naturally panny-cakes would be part of it though 🙂


I was saddened by our failing Easter Egg Hunt plans but that all changed quickly. Before I knew it I was in the attic pulling out last year’s easter decorations combining them with a few items I picked up two days prior (I’m a huge procrastinor, don’t judge me.)

Today I would be tackling this
I’m nervous

I made one bunny pannycake but it didn’t seem fair to leave out the twinsies so as my daughter and hubby impatiently waited for breakfast I made the twinsies pannycakes too.



My oldest was digging into her bunny-cakes when my MIL said “let the twins take a bite” I gave in and instantly my son grabbed the bunny ear and took a bite….then I PANICKED!! THE PANCAKES HAD WALNUTS!!


I quickly tried to get it out of his mouth but it was too late. IS HE ALLERGIC?!!!!As the clock SLOWLY TICKed and TOCKed, on the inside I was having several little heart attacks. I am notorious for 911 calls and I feared this would be one more incident for my family to tease me about.

Luckily he was not allergic.

We laughed about the incident as we enjoyed  breakfast.  Crisis averted…WHEW.



Kisses for the chef 🙂

Happy Easter from our table to yours!

Toodles Stacey

Where’s My Pannycake Mommy?!!!

Yes, yet another pancake post because my pancakes are awesome 🙂


You probably think I enjoy making breakfast, but I don’t (well, I didn’t used to).  Being an island girl, breakfast is like a three course meal (saving that for a future post). I only made breakfast on Sunday’s, but since hubby isn’t always home to make breakfast, mommy has become the breakfast queen.

Oh yeah, after a rough Saturday night (the kids kept waking up what seemed like every 30 minutes) I decided to make breakfast (yes, pancakes) but we were out of eggs. So off to the store hubby went.  By the time he got back (almost noon) I was STARVING. I decided to make a smaller amount than I normally do because I was ready to eat NOW.  Time was of essence.

A few minutes later and breakfast was ready.

My 2 yr old daughter didn’t finish her pancakes so I ate them (I don’t like throwing food away, plus I was still hungry).  Fast forward to about 6 hours later- I’m washing the twins’ bottles when she asked for her pancake, to which I replied, “I ate it because you didn’t want it”, to which she replied, “You don’t eat people’s things” and playfully smacked my legs.  Who knew she would remember?

So I learned my lesson and made her pancakes the very next day and I didn’t eat them.  I left them on the counter and she took a bite every few hours until they were finally gone at bed time.  Yes, she literally ate pancakes ALL day.  I told you my pancakes are delish 🙂

There is no secret to my pancake.  Just grab a box of Log Cabin (all natural mix) and add chopped walnuts or pecans or blueberries or blackberries. You get the idea 🙂 I can’t eat plain pancakes, they have to be jazzed up.

I don’t like plain eggs either 🙂 I just added some spinach because a little spinach never hurt no body 🙂

Spinach2   Spinach1