Where’s My Pannycake Mommy?!!!

Yes, yet another pancake post because my pancakes are awesome 🙂


You probably think I enjoy making breakfast, but I don’t (well, I didn’t used to).  Being an island girl, breakfast is like a three course meal (saving that for a future post). I only made breakfast on Sunday’s, but since hubby isn’t always home to make breakfast, mommy has become the breakfast queen.

Oh yeah, after a rough Saturday night (the kids kept waking up what seemed like every 30 minutes) I decided to make breakfast (yes, pancakes) but we were out of eggs. So off to the store hubby went.  By the time he got back (almost noon) I was STARVING. I decided to make a smaller amount than I normally do because I was ready to eat NOW.  Time was of essence.

A few minutes later and breakfast was ready.

My 2 yr old daughter didn’t finish her pancakes so I ate them (I don’t like throwing food away, plus I was still hungry).  Fast forward to about 6 hours later- I’m washing the twins’ bottles when she asked for her pancake, to which I replied, “I ate it because you didn’t want it”, to which she replied, “You don’t eat people’s things” and playfully smacked my legs.  Who knew she would remember?

So I learned my lesson and made her pancakes the very next day and I didn’t eat them.  I left them on the counter and she took a bite every few hours until they were finally gone at bed time.  Yes, she literally ate pancakes ALL day.  I told you my pancakes are delish 🙂

There is no secret to my pancake.  Just grab a box of Log Cabin (all natural mix) and add chopped walnuts or pecans or blueberries or blackberries. You get the idea 🙂 I can’t eat plain pancakes, they have to be jazzed up.

I don’t like plain eggs either 🙂 I just added some spinach because a little spinach never hurt no body 🙂

Spinach2   Spinach1


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