My daughter is two going on twenty. SERIOUSLY.  She can hold a conversation with the best of them.  Over the past few weeks it’s been such a joy watching her little brain evolve.  She’s been doing more imaginative play, making dinosaurs with her food, or drawing circles and saying they’re airplanes.  It is such a delight watching her discover new things.  That joy in her big pretty eyes!


She hasn’t spent a day in daycare, so I try to teach her every chance I get.  She has mastered many things, but colors…that is a whole other story.  You mean there are colors other than blue?  It doesn’t matter if I’ve just finished telling her what color something is; when I ask what color is this…the answer….BLUE!!


We spent a majority of the day playing with blocks.  She made sand castles and princess towers, knocking them over and saying “Oh no, what am I going to do?”IMG_9949

During play, I kept asking her to grab certain colors.  She would grab the blue with such ease. Occasionally she would get a yellow or a green ONE correct, but it is frustrating.  Please share any ideas to help master colors. Thanks


~Frustrated Mama

PS: I was getting ready to comb her hair when she asked to wear it like this. I know she was scheming me but I was going to ask her if she wanted to rock her afro…so we both won 🙂

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