It’s SPRING At Last!


I woke up dreaming of a few moments to myself.  Mommy time (true mommy baby monitors, not hearing the sweet sounds of their babbles, their screams,  their laughter) is rare these days, so I decided to leave the house, BUT, I took my oldest with me; so there goes mommy time.

It rained overnight. As we walked to the car she wanted to jump in the puddles. Normally I would be yelling let’s go, but I stopped and enjoyed watching her delight.

Our first stop was the library. It’s been a while since I took her there.  As we walked in the library there were no kids running around…can you believe that?  We visited space on the computer for a while before a family arrived and she abandoned me.  She played for a while, then we left for lunch.

The sun was now shining much like my mood that had been lifted.  It was the lunch rush at Panera Bread.  No seats available except a single chair by the fireplace.  A little old man was kind enough to offer his spare chair.  Later, the gentleman asked her if her sandwich was good to which she replied “I’m having a good time with my mommy” and I smiled.   We cozied by the fire with her wrapped in my arms reading one of the books we checked out at the library.

Our day was coming to an end and though I wished it wouldn’t, mommy world beckoned.  Until next time…


XOXO Stacey

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