An Old Town Christmas 2015

Alexandria lies just a few miles from the Nation’s Capital though it may take you quite a while to make the drive. I like the feeling you get when walking the streets of Old Town. It evokes a quaint village feel. Boutique shops, charming hotels and fine dining can be found at every corner.

Few weeks ago, I wanted to visit for the Christmas Parade on the Potomac River and witness Alexandria coming to life for the Christmas season but of course everyone hosts their tree lighting at the same time so we missed it.

Hubby was off from work on this lovely afternoon in early December when we made our way into the city. I am always dragging him places whenever given the opportunity. Just like the kids, he’ll thank me later. 🙂

We dined at Pizzeria Paradiso AGAIN. I suppose it’s our new place to eat. What can I say…they make some really good pizzas and you can even customize it if that tickles your fancy.

Last time we visited I promised my daughter a ride on the trolley and I was able to fulfill this promise. Seeing the joy and excitement on her face was more than I could’ve asked for. She got a kicker out of ringing the bell at EVERY stop., thank goodness for the trolley operator’s patience.

I must admit, King Street wasn’t as decorated as I thought it would be but it’s definitely worth a trip. If for nothing else, it offers fine shopping at boutique shops and big brand stores as well. It’s a lovely stroll but on those colder nights a tour from the comfort of a heated transport doesn’t hurt either. The trolley ride is free and very informative. It tells of Alexandria’s history as you drive along the way. So grab a cup of Joe or hot apple cider and hop on!

If this post didn’t get you excited about a trip to Alexandria, check out this Alexandria’s Presidential Appeal Article featured in the latest issue of AAA World Magazine, perhaps that will do the trick.




BTW I forgot my phone in the car thus no pics while we rode the trolley.


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