Washington, DC In All Its Glory

SPRING IS HERE!!! While the temperatures say otherwise, it means you should be getting ready for the Nation’s Cherry Blossom Festival.  The festival runs March 20th to April 15th with peak bloom dates of April 11th through the 14th (all could change depending on the weather).

Many people flock to DC during this season. In fact, thousands plan their vacation hoping to see these Japanese trees in all its perfect puffy white glorious state. It is truly a beauty to behold; it’s as if DC gains its wings, albeit just for a few days.  The festivities celebrate the 3000 trees given to the United States in 1912 honoring the relationship between the U.S and Japan.

2014 Cherry Blossom (1)

For the past two years its been our family tradition and we are so excited once again. We make sandwiches, bring fruits and veggies and enjoy a picnic. Last year I was pregnant with our twins; they are now seven months old.

cb 2014

2014 cb 2014 dc blooms

Everyone should be a part of this spectacular celebration, so come on out and cross this off your bucket list (you didn’t know it was on the list, huh) and watch DC earn its wings; you haven’t seen DC until you see it during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

2014 Cherry Blossom (2)

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