A Day In My Life

Sometimes I may not call you back like I said I would. Just know I love you and you’re important.  My trisanity keeps me occupied and when they aren’t, I forget what I was supposed to do.  Case in point, one pile of laundry still on the couch; I’ve been folding for the past 3 hours while trying to eat and blog.

I’ve been training the twins for the past few weeks and I think they’ve adjusted to the new schedule. On a perfect day this is what my day entails:-

8:00 A.M:- Babies wake up, diaper change

8:30 A.M :- First feeding 6-8 ounces

9:00 A.M:- Big sister wakes up

9:30 A.M:- Jayla eats breakfast while twins play

10:00 A.M:- Twins 1st solid meal & juice while Jayla plays

11:00 A.M:- Twins bathe then plays while Jayla bathe

12:00 P.M:-  Twins 2nd solid and bottle 6 oz

12:30 P.M:- Jayla eats lunch

1:00:- Jayla naps

(On an ideal day the twins naps too)

2:00 P.M:- Twins 3rd meal and juice

3:30 P.M:- Jayla wakes up and has snack

(Days when she acts up, she sleeps until 4:30)

4:00 P.M:- Twins diaper change then 6 oz bottle

5:00 P.M:- Playtime for everyone

6:00 P.M:- Jayla eats dinner

7:00 P.M:- Begin turn down service 🙂

8:00 P.M:- Night-night show and milk for everyone

9:00 P.M:- My happy dance, all babies are in their beds

Watch a little HGTV then wake up and do it all over again 🙂

“If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart”

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