Happy New Year 2016

HELLO 2016!!

So… where do I begin?

We all go into each new year with the best intentions, but somehow by the end of January life gets in the way and those goals become…

a distant memory.

My hope is 2016 will be the best version of me mentally, financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Here are a few ways I plan to realize these goals.

Spread the Love

With three little kids time is a rare commodity, so am I kidding myself? Lets face it, my babies are no longer babies and I miss the days when mommy-and-me time was just me and one child. It’s so easy to group them all together but I need to cultivate each child’s interest, whatever that may be, and spending time individually will help me understand what tickles their fancy.

Lose the Bulge

I weighed myself this morning and it’s time to get serious as I sit here stuffing my face, but at least it’s cheese, crackers and mimosas, not my SIL homemade chocolate cookies on my kitchen counter…that’s progress, right? My problem isn’t losing the weight, its getting to the target, then eating freely. My target goal is lose 10-15 lbs.  I can do this!

Eliminate the Debt

I am kidding myself a bit with this one, unless by some miracle I win the lottery, which would indeed be a miracle because I don’t play the lottery. Seriously though, I want to leave this year as close to being debt free as possible.

Rejoin the Workplace

Hubby doesn’t think I’ll do it. I haven’t worked a full-time job since 2009. A scary thought but during that time I earned my CPA. Time to put that distinction to good use for the first time so I can take at least two vacations each year. I’m sure being a working mom will be a major adjustment, not being able to spend every waking moment with my kids, but I know it’s for the best. Does anyone want to tailor my resume for EACH job listing?

Rediscover ME

“You have to take care of you before you can take care of others”.  This year I’m accepting that challenge. Whether it’s a trip to the spa, going on hikes or taking a ballroom dance class (wanted to do for over a decade). I’ve been so engrossed in mommy world for the past three years. And I absolutely LOVE this chapter of my life. But it’s just that…A CHAPTER. It’s time to create new chapters. I’m so much more than just a mom. It’s time to rediscover who I am.

Take Fewer Photos

I’m a photo addict. I delete ten just to take one photo. Am I the only one? I want to capture just everyday moments. They grow so fast. There’s an app for everything. Can someone develop an app that picks out my top five photos everyday?

This year for the first time I’m writing down my New Year’s resolution. Hopefully, you will join me on this adventure and we can hold each other accountable.

Let’s make this year our best year!

Cheers to 2016!


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