Farmer Stacey?





If the start of our adventure was any indication of how my day would end, I can tell you now it couldn’t be good.

The kids wouldn’t nap, of course, but as soon as they hit the car seat they were knocked out. I contemplated driving around just to let them sleep, but decided after the effort of prepping to be in the city, we were going to the city.

During the drive I saw a sign for Oxon Hill Farm and decided to be spontaneous. Mentally I wasn’t ready for Washington, DC nor what would come next for that matter.

The kids weren’t even out the car when my two-year old said “I HAVE TO PEE” I didn’t know the conditions of the restrooms and I didn’t know if she would even make it to the restroom. So what did I do? Don’t judge me. I let her pee at the car 🙊🙈🙉 What would you do?

Anyway, leave it to me to show up after all the kids’ activities ended. Hey, it was a spur of the moment thing. We had just under two hours before closing. Plenty of time right?

Ready for school?

Twins perhaps?

Checking out the goats from a distance. My little scary cat.


The animals were settling in for the night. Many of them hid in the comfort of their home waiting for dinner.

This little piggy was not up for company. He wanted us gone so he gave us its rear end while it handled business.


Being on the farm reminded me of my early years. We lived in rural Jamaica, not the beaches and lavish homes you see depicted. We had cows, goats and chickens at one time or another. Can you imagine me taking the goats to the fields before heading off to school? Yeah…I did that several times. I wasn’t always prissy, you know.

The real question now is could I survive a day on a farm? That’s a whole other issue.

Have a great weekend.


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