Yes…There Are Colors Other Than BLUE

Two months ago I wrote a post where the only color that existed in my daughter’s world was BLUE.

It was such a frustrating task. Everyone shied away from the challenge. It just didn’t make sense why she couldn’t grasp colors. They would say she’ll get it.

My mother-in-law would tease that it’s because I don’t embrace what I term school yard colors around my house. I REALLY dislike those bright colored toys. If it was up to me all their toys would be wood or white but hubby won’t go for that.

I am proud to say my big girl has mastered the color wheel…more or less. She gets confused sometimes but her world now includes red, yellow, green, pink, purple and white.

Our walks to the park is so colorful now that she’s mastered her colors. 👏👏

She picks flowers…sometimes she pulls the entire plant🙈


Her imagination is also expanding.  She told her brother it’s chocolate and he wanted to check it out himself 😀


As if we didn’t get enough after a close call with the geese she wanted to feed the ducks.

I wish we had food for them I told her. I don’t know why I said that because she forgets nothing! Now that’s one more thing she’ll be asking me if I have in my bag before our park runs.

The walk home from the park was just as interesting. It was funny watching the kids squabble over cheese puffs.  When the twins dropped one, big sister would quickly grab it and eat it, but only after checking for any drool of course 😉

Happy kid, happy mama 😉



We live in a colorful world now and I LOVE it!

Go Big Girl 👏👏

PS– Nelle slept the entire time, that’s why she wasn’t in any pics. A girl needs her beauty rest I suppose 😘


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