Swinging Into SPRING

It was the warmest day of the year, thus far; too nice to be indoors; so what better way to finish the day other than heading to the park?

Finally, I could try out the new stroller Grandma picked up.  Just my luck, the wheels were a little flat, but I needed it to shuttle the kids to the park so I buckled them in and we carefully cruised on over.

SwingIntoSpring (3)


She hopped off as we approach a father-son duo fishing at the lake.  She told him she was walking to the park with her mommy 🙂

The twins relaxed while watching big sister play.

SwingIntoSpring (1)

After a while, they wanted in on the fun so I decided let’s try the swings and they loved it!!

Twins first swing

Seems like only yesterday my oldest was testing out this very swing.

Not one to be outdone, my little dare-devil climbed the biggest slide, giving me a slight heart attack with every step she took.  She lit up when she made her way to the top.

Another surprise was seeing her being comfortable with a dog.

SwingIntoSpring (2)

My baby girl is growing up 😥


I live for these days!

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