Baby’s babbles are just the sweetest thing.

Couple of weeks back, Batman (as his big sister affectionately calls him) started talking.  Can you take a guess what his first word was?  If you said BABA you are absolutely correct!!! Considering his relationship with food, it was very befitting; besides, Batman needs his energy to fight those villains (mainly his twin sister). hehe


Hubby and I lost the race; we were both hoping his next word would be DADA and MAMA, respectively.  Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights says “If you’re not first, you’re last.” With first place taken, second is best. lol  So, Can you guess who won?

Yes, ME!!!!

I was at the mall with all three kids in Old Navy Store the very first time he said MAMA.

He’s been saying MAMA, MAMA, MAMA since and I know I will regret it soon, much like Louis on Family Guy, but for now I’m enjoying every single time my Batman says MAMA 🙂

XO One Happy MAMA

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