One Tooth, Two Teeth…

So his twin sister has been kicking his tush on all fronts. She rolled over, she sat up, she spoke before him. You get the picture.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned a little bit. I know kids grow at their own pace and they say boys grow at a slower rate but I still compare. I’m human…might be super at times according to my two year old, but human nonetheless.


One can only take so much and I guess he had enough of us talking about him. When his first tooth emerged last month I was one proud mama. My fave little guy was finally in the lead! Yaaay!! Take THAT, little sis.

So as of today, Sunday, March 29th, he has TWO teeth.  His second tooth broke the gum. I wonder how long before Mr. Chompers takes over.  His little sister gives him a hard time.  Perhaps if he bites her just once, the world would be in balance 🙂

Is that so bad?

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