The Green Effect: We Survived

Operation: LOSE THE BABY WEIGHT has been in full effect for the past month.  After speaking with a girlfriend, I decided to try the Ten Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.

Expectations were high!

I thought, how hard could it be to have a smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Surprisingly, the smoothies while looking unappealing were quite the opposite.  The feat however proved much more challenging so we opted for the modified plan where the third smoothie was replaced by a healthy dinner.

While at times we wanted to quit, we pushed each other to the finish line.  Yesterday was our last day. Yaaaaaaay!!  I don’t know who was more excited our Ninja blender or us…probably the Ninja, its never worked this hard. Heehee

IMG_20150302_232036        IMG_20150302_233115

I know you’re wondering…what’s the result?  Drum roll please…..we lost a combined 7.2 pounds (yes i’m claiming every ounce of my 3.2 pounds I demolished).  So what did we do after weighing in? We cheered with a cup of milk and ate cookies our 2 year old made 🙂

What did we learn from this experience?  We are pretty healthy eaters (at least so we keep telling ourselves to curb the disappointment), we don’t need a challenge but more importantly for me it solidifies the notion of why I don’t do diets.  Where’s the plate of rice and beans, oxtails, plantains and cabbage served with a tall glass of homemade juice?


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