Easter Egg Roll

It wasn’t at the White House (Yes I was still a little bitter) but I knew there would be good food, a good time and my daughter would have fun with girlfriend (that’s what Ms. J calls our neighbor) and her family.

The sun was shinning oh so beautifully but it wasn’t what it seemed. It was quite windy with temperatures in the 50s. The kids couldn’t wear the matching outfits planned but we were able to pull something together.

Why is it the kids closets are full but the momebt you try to put an outfit together it seems they don’t have any clothes at all?! 👀

Anyway, we pulled up at Gilbert Run Park late as usual (it’s a struggle getting anywhere on time). While Gramma and I unloaded the kids and all their gears Hubby went to check out the food and it was all gone.:'( Thank goodness we never leave home without a few snacks.

We stayed in the car until it was time to line up for the hunt. Let the fun begin!! Jayla had a blast and she even found $7 in her eggs.  She and her Gramma had a good time hunting and the twins had fun on the swings.







It was a good day but I’m hungry.


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