Nine Month Checkup

If you’ve held the twins lately, you know they’re like bricks!

We went into their doctor’s appointment on Friday expecting them to be over 20 pounds (at least Batman). I was surprised to find out that neither of them made the cut.

Batman weighed 19 lbs 4 ounces (47%)

Nelle weighted 16 lbs 15 ounces (22%)

As far as length, Nelle at 27 1/2 inches; ahead by 1/2 an inch.

In any event, at the rate they are growing, in no time they will probably be bigger than their big sister (at 2 1/2 she is 27 pounds).

The moment of truth….SHOTS 🙈 It was both a relief to me and my son that they weren’t getting shots.


They do, however, have blood work in a few days 😨

That’s it for now.


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