Are You Kidding Me?

Okay I SERIOUSLY need one of those time machines to take me back to my squishy little (well not so little) newborns being snuggled in my arms in my hospital bed with the nurses at my beck and call.

Three days ago my son climbed three flights of steps.  It happened on my watch.  I was washing dishes/bottles like I’m ALWAYS doing when hubby called me hysterically.  I thought he was just calling me like always.  About a minute or two later I walked in and was in shock.

Today, on my clock AGAIN he started climbing the steps after his big sister.  This time I was watching.  I wanted to see how far he could go.  He completed 10 of 13 stairs.  Little sis decided she wanted in on the fun.  It took a few minutes but she completed EVERY LAST ONE!!

I really need gates but I really hope someone has a coupon or a good sale.

I hope you have a great day I’m sure yours will be a little bit calmer than mine.  I would say it’s almost the weekend but I’m a stay at home mama.


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