National Arboretum





I love when hubby is off from work and we go out for a relaxing family day. Okay, with three under three maybe not a relaxing day, but it’s time spent together, so I’m happy.

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting at this place.

I didn’t necessarily liked the route we were taking so during the drive I decided to google National Arboretum. Here’s what Wikipedia gave me: “An Arboretum in DC operated by the Department of Agriculture.”  Well, that’s very insightful.

At this point it didn’t matter as we were committed to this location because it’s after 1 p.m on a Friday in the nation’s Capital.

First we missed our turn because the GPS didn’t show the service road. As we entered the grounds we wondered if we were lost despite seeing the little tiny sign that read National Arboretum. It looked more of an abandoned place with lots of overgrown trees and windy roads.

Eventually we found the main building. We enjoyed a picnic of leftovers that consisted of baked jerk chicken, brussel sprouts and white rice as our oldest ran around taking to everyone like she normally does.

We missed all the days activities, they were closing at 4 p.m, the gardens weren’t in bloom and the memory card was almost full. You think by now I would learn to do my research and prep before my little adventures but I guess that’s part of the fun 😉




It’s rare that hubby smiles, he actually smiled twice! I think he was enjoying family time.


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