Hello Fall

It’s that time of year when the temperatures gets brisk, night falls upon us so much earlier than we like. The smell of pumpkin spice fills the air, leaves ranges from yellow to deeper yellow to red to even burnt orange.

Some call you autumn. Some call you fall but whatever you call it, it’s certainly here.

Now that it’s officially here. I’m a LITTLE excited I must admit…okay maybe more than a little. I want to see what this season has in store for my l family.

I’ve been checking out apple orchards and pumpkin farms and I’m excited. I’ve never been apple picking, never had apple donuts nor have I had apple cider.

You’re probably thinking, where have you been and how have you been surviving? My answer partly is cultural differences.

I grew up picking apples but never from an apple orchard. It usually wasn’t a big celebration either because picking apple was just a means to an end. Picking apples from a neighborhood tree was just something to do to kill time or grab a snack.

Last year was the first time I visited a pumpkin patch. This year I’m looking forward to going to an actual farm to pick my own pumpkin from a field.

Again, I grew up with my grandpa picking pumpkins from our backyard. Again no celebration as he was picking it for us to eat either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Another thing I’m looking forward to is our family photoshoot with a massive pile of leaves. I can hear the kids laughter as they throw leaves and play.

I’m ready.

Fall please be kind!

What are you most looking forward to this Fall?

What does Fall mean to you?


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