All Dolled Up

I’m curling my hair, in walks my oldest:-

J: Where are you going mommy?

Me: Nowhere, I was just curling my hair

J: Oooooh

Me: Do I have to be going somewhere to curl my hair?

J: Yesssssss

Me: Ignores her

J: What’s this mommy? Is it dirt?

Me: No

J: Is it sand mommy?

Me: No, it’s makeup

J: You put makeup on mommy?

Me: No, I’m not going anywhere

J: Oooooh and walks away to play with the twins

Goofy Morning and Happy Friday to you!

I’m A Big Girl and A Genius

Big girl was away on a mini vacation at Gramma’s house (first time since the twinsies were born) for a week.  Upon her return she’s  been refusing to drink from a “big girl” cup.  If she accepts, she demands a straw.

It’s been a constant battle where hubby and I take her toys away, turn off the tele, but even then it’s still a fight.

This morning (she’s been up since 6:30am) the battle continued but we told her no tele until she drank all her milk or she can go to bed this instant. She opted for the former.

Upon finishing her milk from the big girl cup she says exuberantly with hands in the air “I’m a big girl and a genius”. Both hubby and I chuckled as neither of us have used the term genius around her.

Good Morning! Hope you’re having a great start to your Wednesday!