Easter is one of those holidays that I look forward to. While I’m not a fan of all the sweets, I enjoy making little treats for my baby girl.  My MIL found a pancake bunny photo in a magazine and I decided to recreate it. Check out the Easter breakfast post to find out how I did.

This Easter was extra special as we shared it with our twin bunnies and our two year old.  Sometimes I wonder how is it I’m a MOM of THREE! At seven months, these little bunnies are not official crawlers but they know how to get around. They babble all day saying mama, dada, baba and an occasional nana.

Sunday morning we grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to church. When we returned we had a nice little family photoshoot 🙂

Here are some of my faves

I hope you all had an EGGtastic Easter. Until next year….



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