Today the twins turned 8 months. Only 4 more months until the big day!!!

I cannot begin to tell you just how excited I am (I literally just did my happy dance).  I must admit though, I am a nervous wreck because I have no idea what theme I will use for their party. There’s so much with keeping up with three littles under three I honestly haven’t thought much about it besides with two there’s so much more to think about.  If you come across any cute ideas please share ☺

SO.. what have they been up to?

Sits up
Says mama, dada, baba and an occasional nana (mainly says mama to my delight πŸ™‚
Attached to his mama 👀
Has a mean side eye
Has 2 teeth
Size 3 diapers




Everyone says he’s fussy and spoiled (admittedly he is at times) but he’s really a happy boy it just comes out mainly when he’s with his mama and dada especially his mama πŸ™‚

Says mama, baba and dada (mainly dada to hubby’s delight)
Mastered sitting up
She’s a daddy’s girl
Very friendly
Takes assisted steps
Scoots across the room on one arm
Size 3 diapers




They are such great babies. I am one lucky mama. I would love to hear their conversations but for now facial expressions is all we have. Check thus out. The last pic gets me everytime!


Here’s another


Will we have walkers or crawlers this month? Stay tuned to find out πŸ˜‰

XOXO Stacey

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