Hello, 10 Months!






Yesterday, my twinsies waved goodbye to nine months. Well, at least my daughter did;  yes, she can wave bye bye and she even attempts to say bye bye.

So what’s new in their world?

My schedules isn’t as effective as when they were smaller.  They’ve become earlier risers, sometimes as early as 6 a.m.  They also are refusing to nap, but thank goodness they both continue to sleep through the night.

No updates in the teething world.  She still only has one and he has two little chompers.  She appears to be working on her second one but not much progress.

My baby girl enjoys dancing and picking on her big brother.  I never thought I’d see the day where it wasn’t a one man show.  He’s defending himself a lot more, sometimes a little too aggressive for my liking. His mode of attack is pinching.

The biggest news of all was crowning the walking champ. Though she was little, she was fierce; baby girl is the WALKING champ.  She started taking steps two weeks ago when her auntie came for a visit. She was taking two steps at a time; now she has learned to balance herself and often takes as many as 10 steps. I would say we have a walker.  With that said, I have lost the bet. My son didn’t walk first like I thought he would, although he was so good with the walker.  He walks around holding onto furniture but shows no real signs of independent walking.  However, he’s a speed crawler, so watch out.

Just two months left until we celebrate their first birthday.  I have figured out the theme…Tutus and Ties (bowties, that is). I am so excited, I can’t wait!!

Have a lovely day!





Today the twins turned 8 months. Only 4 more months until the big day!!!

I cannot begin to tell you just how excited I am (I literally just did my happy dance).  I must admit though, I am a nervous wreck because I have no idea what theme I will use for their party. There’s so much with keeping up with three littles under three I honestly haven’t thought much about it besides with two there’s so much more to think about.  If you come across any cute ideas please share ☺

SO.. what have they been up to?

Sits up
Says mama, dada, baba and an occasional nana (mainly says mama to my delight 🙂
Attached to his mama 👀
Has a mean side eye
Has 2 teeth
Size 3 diapers




Everyone says he’s fussy and spoiled (admittedly he is at times) but he’s really a happy boy it just comes out mainly when he’s with his mama and dada especially his mama 🙂

Says mama, baba and dada (mainly dada to hubby’s delight)
Mastered sitting up
She’s a daddy’s girl
Very friendly
Takes assisted steps
Scoots across the room on one arm
Size 3 diapers




They are such great babies. I am one lucky mama. I would love to hear their conversations but for now facial expressions is all we have. Check thus out. The last pic gets me everytime!


Here’s another


Will we have walkers or crawlers this month? Stay tuned to find out 😉

XOXO Stacey

SuperMom? or Just Plain Crazy?

Yaaay! It’s my babies’ shots day, said no mom ever.

Hubby had to work so it was just me and my three littles venturing to the doctor’s office.  I’ve done this numerous times before, no problem.  As we pulled up at the doctor’s office (running late as usual) a little voice said “you don’t need the stroller, the carriers will do” What was I thinking? It probably would’ve been fine if I didn’t have a toddler with me, but I did. Many people applauded my efforts, a few called me SUPERMOM, but all the while my arms scolded me.   I will never make that decision again, even if its just a quick in and out of the doctors office (which this should have been). At six months, my twins are 17 pounds and 15.10 pounds; add that to the weight of the carriers plus the diaper bag…again…SuperMom or Just Plain Crazy?

Back to the matter at hand…shots.

Nelle shots sleep

Nelle obviously had no idea of what was going on.

Alex, on the other hand…


Alex whaaat

Jaeden don't play

He went first and he let them have it! He probably got that from me, I’m a chicken. Hubby goes with me when I have blood work done or my daughter holds my hand. He turned red; there was no consoling him other than a bottle.  He wouldn’t let me put him down until he drifted off to sleep.

Nelle was next; she followed the nurse’s every move with such intensity. Upon receiving her shot, she cried for a minute and was over it just like her big sister used to do.



Who is shot day hardest on? Mom? The first twin? The second twin? Big Sister? Their appointment was not until 2 p.m.  I was anxious, but all the while trying to suppress my feelings so the twins wouldn’t pick up on it. Whoever goes first is left to console his or her self because the other child needs assistance so the nurses can administer the shots.

Perhaps its hardest on the second twin because they have to listen to the screams of the first, knowing they’re next. It might even be the big sister. She is very possessive of her siblings. You have to get permission from her to even talk to them.  It was hard on her today; she told the nurses “get out of my brother’s face”. She even cried at one point, so we had her leave the room.

It probably changes with each day, but what I know is, this is an experience that none of us look forward to and I take refuge knowing they won’t endure such pain for a while.




I know every mama says it, but where did the time go?

Somehow, I still feel like I just took our twins home a few weeks ago. One thing I do not miss is them spitting up every few minutes.  I love watching them discover things for the very first time.  They are avid television watchers who may have a slight obsession with Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street.

Ms. Kenzie is the best big sister we could hope for. She’s constantly telling me to go check on the twins, or do what she thinks needs to be done. She would be in their cribs first thing every morning if it was up to her.  I love how she interacts with the twins.  She doesn’t mind leaving them to go to the park, but otherwise, she absolutely adores the babies.  It will be very interesting to see how their interactions evolve.


Nelle is quite the talker. As soon as she’s awake she’s babbling away.  She has three words in her repertoire: mama, dada and baba.  Nelle thinks her big sister is a comedian. She cracks up at any and everything big sister does.  She’s very strong willed and spends most of her days taking her brother’s toys and binkie (pacifier).




Her brother, on the other hand, is very melo.  He’s now captured the title of my “Irie Baby”.  He is definitely a mama’s boy, but I don’t mind 🙂  He’s working on a little chomper (1st tooth). His babbling sounds like he’s saying “HEY”.

Jaeden eyes


Looking toward new adventures next month.