Hello, 10 Months!






Yesterday, my twinsies waved goodbye to nine months. Well, at least my daughter did;  yes, she can wave bye bye and she even attempts to say bye bye.

So what’s new in their world?

My schedules isn’t as effective as when they were smaller.  They’ve become earlier risers, sometimes as early as 6 a.m.  They also are refusing to nap, but thank goodness they both continue to sleep through the night.

No updates in the teething world.  She still only has one and he has two little chompers.  She appears to be working on her second one but not much progress.

My baby girl enjoys dancing and picking on her big brother.  I never thought I’d see the day where it wasn’t a one man show.  He’s defending himself a lot more, sometimes a little too aggressive for my liking. His mode of attack is pinching.

The biggest news of all was crowning the walking champ. Though she was little, she was fierce; baby girl is the WALKING champ.  She started taking steps two weeks ago when her auntie came for a visit. She was taking two steps at a time; now she has learned to balance herself and often takes as many as 10 steps. I would say we have a walker.  With that said, I have lost the bet. My son didn’t walk first like I thought he would, although he was so good with the walker.  He walks around holding onto furniture but shows no real signs of independent walking.  However, he’s a speed crawler, so watch out.

Just two months left until we celebrate their first birthday.  I have figured out the theme…Tutus and Ties (bowties, that is). I am so excited, I can’t wait!!

Have a lovely day!




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