I know every mama says it, but where did the time go?

Somehow, I still feel like I just took our twins home a few weeks ago. One thing I do not miss is them spitting up every few minutes.  I love watching them discover things for the very first time.  They are avid television watchers who may have a slight obsession with Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street.

Ms. Kenzie is the best big sister we could hope for. She’s constantly telling me to go check on the twins, or do what she thinks needs to be done. She would be in their cribs first thing every morning if it was up to her.  I love how she interacts with the twins.  She doesn’t mind leaving them to go to the park, but otherwise, she absolutely adores the babies.  It will be very interesting to see how their interactions evolve.


Nelle is quite the talker. As soon as she’s awake she’s babbling away.  She has three words in her repertoire: mama, dada and baba.  Nelle thinks her big sister is a comedian. She cracks up at any and everything big sister does.  She’s very strong willed and spends most of her days taking her brother’s toys and binkie (pacifier).




Her brother, on the other hand, is very melo.  He’s now captured the title of my “Irie Baby”.  He is definitely a mama’s boy, but I don’t mind 🙂  He’s working on a little chomper (1st tooth). His babbling sounds like he’s saying “HEY”.

Jaeden eyes


Looking toward new adventures next month.

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