Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden





You could and probably will get lost in time here, like we did.  Two hours should be sufficient to tour the grounds said the young ladies as they checked us in. Five hours later and we didn’t even see the entire garden 🙊🙈 We were one of the first visitors and probably one of the last ones there, but we had the best time!

The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, located in Henrico County, Richmond VA, was recently voted the 2ND BEST PUBLIC GARDEN in NORTH AMERICA by USA Today readers.  It is definitely worth the cost of admission!

The butterfly exhibit is the perfect place to showcase your inner Sherlock Homes. Daily at 10 a.m new butterflies are released. Come and watch caterpillars metamorphose into gorgeous butterflies or simply enjoy them flying around in their natural habitat. I dare you to not get wrapped up in this excursion. I dare you!


The smile only a butterfly landing on your head can bring







There’s so much to see here and I now realize I have way too many photos (what else is new) to share despite not experiencing the entire garden, so stay tuned for the next chapter in this series.

Listen, if there was a photo rehab, I would be a permanent vacationer. Lol, I’ll be the first to admit, I have a photo problem but don’t you enjoy living vicariously through my camera and or phone lens?

I digress..

Part two of the series will be up later this week. See you soon!


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2 thoughts on “Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

  1. So beautiful. I need to add this place on NY bucket list. Do I have a bucket list? #1 on list. So beautiful Raising Triplets Mom. I would try to set up camp there.

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