Is Two Hours…Too Much To Ask?

A little time alone is good for the soul. I usually say a vacation is, but that’s not happening right now. So, daily I TRY to get two hours for ME, MYSELF, and I. Most days it doesn’t work but with warmer temperatures I am determined to do this at least three times a week or so I’m thinking.

While I was getting dressed my oldest asked to tag along. I really wanted to say no but she kept saying “please, can I go with you mommy? Please, can I go? Can I go?  Funny how you don’t have to prompt them to use their manners when they really want something.

We settled for the National Botanical Garden. I knew it was going to be a good afternoon because I found free parking 💃💃 oh yeah.

On our way over she indulged in her fave past time. Chasing birds


We even played a game of I Spy. Which letter do you spy?


After a while she yelled “I want to go see the octopus mommy” I was confused. There’s no aquarium within sight. I said what octopus? and she pointed “the octopus” as if she was annoyed I was questioning her intellegence. Ooh😯 The Cathedral Root was the mistaken character 😀


Inside, our first stop was the children’s garden; but it was closed. The next best thing was this fairy house.

She got lost in the jungle as I snapped away.



We checked out the outside garden next.

She proceeded with caution as I told her to smell this plant.

Passerby chuckled as I chased her in and around the fountain. Thank goodness it was off.


I beamed when she walked over to the rose garden, sat down, struck a pose and asked me to take a selfie☺


The highlight of her day was dipping her toes in this fountain (I know we broke the rules, sorry). She was ready for a swim.

We had so much fun together. I love one on one time with her even if it infringes on my ALONE time 😉





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