Bye Bye EIGHTH Month

Tomorrow I will have NINE MONTH old twinsies.

This month we saw some MAJOR developments.

Both babies are crawling on all fours. They are pulling up on things and moving from furniture to furniture.

Little mama got her first tooth.

Her ears were pierced while we were in NJ.

The babies were christened in New Jersey.

We celebrated our first Mother’s Day. What a difference a year made?

We are at that juncture of CHILDPROOFING .  The discussion for a cage to contain the craziness was made but we opted for the pack and play. I like to shop but I save whenever I can. More money to go exploring, besides, I can see them breaking out with big sister at the helm.

I know I’ve been looking forward to this moment where they are mobile, but now I wish I could go back just a few weeks ago when they were DISCOVERING how to crawl. It was cute then, not so much now. There’s no hiding from them anymore. As soon as they hear my voice, operation go find mommy is in full effect.

I think within the next month they will be walking for sure. My money is still on my son walking first. What do you think?


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