Mommy and Me Date








I haven’t participated in many organized  events since my twins’ arrival.  I was very excited when I signed up last week, but then I forgot about it until the night before.  I figured I would take my oldest then head to the “beach” at the National Harbor for some much needed one on one time where she wasn’t just along for a ride to the store.

I woke up and got her dressed but ended up with the twins tagging along. I was only five minutes late.  In my world, that’s considered a victory. Lol

My oldest had a good time playing and trying to hula hoop.  Her favorite was jumping on the mini trampoline. I couldn’t keep her out the line once she had her first taste.

I opted out of the National Harbor because it was quite cloudy. My oldest wasn’t ready to head home so I suggested a bathroom run and that’s when the adventures really amped up.


Yes, I am stuck!!  I am so sick and tired of being stuck trying to fit through doors or wasting a few minutes trying to maneuver through them, especially those leading to the restrooms.   On our exit, a fellow double-stroller mama held the door.  We were bonding over our debacle when I called for my daughter and realized SHE WAS NOT THERE!!!

I don’t think I had time to panic, I immediately went into super spy mode.  I spotted her instantly as I walked over to the water fountain where she played with two kids from the mommy and me group.  I thought about spanking her for wandering off but quickly realized it was my fault.  I was in charge and I wasn’t paying attention. I did lecture her though. My nerves were shot, with no alcohol in sight I ordered an oreo shake and headed to the playground.

My littlest was walking around, my big guy was crawling, both was intensely watching their big sister and other kids playing as I snapped pics and sipped my milkshake.  All was well until I turned around to find my son SITTING ON THE SLIDE.  He didn’t make it far but it was enough to rattle my feathers. Of course I took a few pics and a video before taking him down.

After all that transpired, mommy needed a little retail therapy not for the kids, not for the house, a little therapy for ME and that’s exactly what I did while drowning out their cries for my attention.

Are you exhausted reading yet?

Because I am typing this, our day didn’t even end there; my oldest requested broccoli cheddar soup but she wanted to dine in, so we did once I took the twins out the stroller and closed it so we could fit through the door YET AGAIN.

I’m exhausted!!


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