Mommy’s Oasis





My oasis could very well be food as this girl LOVES to eat but I’m talking about a different kind of oasis but it will definitely be one centered around great food and great company.

Tuesdays here on the blog are reserved for traveling adventures. I’m normally off with the kids trying to see something new to share with you, but with my backyard renovation, I might just be hiding out there, WITHOUT the kids. Shhh

A few weeks ago I purchased a patio set for my birthday. When I received it, I fell in looove. Yes looove! I couldn’t wait for the hubby to put it together. I then ordered an umbrella online but was quickly disappointed when it arrived. The color wasn’t what I expected. I hated it. It sat in the box on our kitchen floor for five days.

Flash forward to the day of our first summer cookout. Hubby suggested we put up the umbrella so our guests would be able to relax in the shade. I reluctantly agreed. I wasn’t impressed but quickly grew to love it.

Hubby was in charge of the grill.  He never disappoints with the jerk chicken. The marinade is made by yours truly, of course. 😄 Love you babe. We make a great team.


At the umpteenth minute leave it to my mother-in-law to show up with four majestic palm trees. I’ve wanted palm trees for a while, but with the exorbitant prices, my backyard would have to survive without them. I may love to shop, but I’m way too thrifty to pay that much for palm trees, lol. They often say what a difference greenery makes, and I must agree. The palms provided that extra oomph the yard needed.

All the lanterns are LED and you can even operate them with a remote. A great find at Pier One, and they’re on clearance. If you are thinking about purchasing lanterns I suggest the nylon ones as the paper ones rip easily.

Okay, enough already. I know you’ve been dying to see the end product so without further delay, here is MOMMY’S OASIS. A little taste of paradise right here in my backyard!






So who’s coming to my next party? The wine awaits, or whatever tickles your fancy 😉

Stay cool out there, it feels like a sauna today.



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