ELEVEN months!

Eleven months of pure joy, attitude and everything in between. Don’t you just love these faces?




My twinsies are almost at that juncture where I will no longer give their age by months. It makes me nostalgic because I will miss all these little milestones I live for, but it also means lots of discovery ahead.

Together they have a combined almost eight teeth, each having four. Twice the pain; hasn’t been fun for anyone around me.

What are they eating?
A better question is what aren’t they eating. They no longer want anything to do with baby food. At the sight of real food they will toss their bottles.  They will even yell (in their own language, of course) at you when they want more. My son devours meat so I have to feed him veggies first.  While they are greedy  (many would say, like mommy) they love to share. Nelle doesn’t like to hear no thank you for an answer; she will push whatever it is she’s eating in your mouth until you accept it.

They enjoy throwing balls but my fave pastime is when they give me kisses. My son has been doing it for quite some time but little sis recently started joining in on the fun.  When they do something wrong they will lay their heads on my lap or they will give me kisses.  How do they learn these things so quickly?

Just like their big sister, I am blessed to say they are very good listeners. If I tell them not to do something or come see me, they will do just that.  I’m so proud of the little people they are becoming. I can’t wait until they can hold a conversation. I might regret it later if they talk as much though. The only time big sis isn’t talking is when she’s sleeping.


No, you didn’t imagine it.  OUR BABY BOY IS WALKING!!! When he walks, he resembles a mummy or a zombie with his hands completely outstretched in front of himself. It’s so cute! He started taking steps earlier this month but nothing consistently until Sunday while I was away spending the day with his big sister. I didn’t actually see him walking until yesterday.

More about my BIG boy. He’s sporting a size 18 to 24 month shirt in case you were wondering why it’s a little loose. He’s now wearing size FOUR diapers. 👀 Ms. Jayla can still fit a size four diaper and she’s almost three!! If you haven’t bought diapers in a while, the larger the size the less diapers are in the box. At this rate, I just might have to potty train him in the next few months. I don’t want to think of either situation so here’s a few more pics.







I sure wish we could freeze time, but we are rolling full steam ahead. Who will talk first? I think Jaeden will. Check back and find out 😉



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