I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time. The past month has been pretty hectic. Lots of traveling, which I hope to share with you soon; but until then…

Time for your check up!

Is that a let’s go mom face or a please don’t make me go mom face?

Yesterday, the twins had their 12 month checkup. I really need to start bringing the hubby with me because these babes are BUSY.  It probably didn’t help that I left their stroller, but I was running late and you know how doctor offices are when you are more than five minutes late. So I grabbed both babies in my arms with big sister hanging on to my dress and off we went.

They are growing quite well, especially compared to Jayla, who lives in the five to ten percentile much of her life.  Batman weighed 20 lbs 15.6 ounces.  Nelle is still behind at 19 lbs 2 ounces. She’s always lagging, even when they were wombmates.  Jayla didn’t break 20 lbs until she was about two years old.  At least Nelle’s leading her big sister.  When it comes to height, Nelle stands tall at 29.5 inches, beating out her big brother of three minutes by half an inch.

After the nurse completed all the measurements, I asked her to watch the twins while I took Jayla to the little girls room.  MY SON LOST IT! He screamed the moment I left.  When I returned she was standing with him just outside the girl’s room; another nurse was holding Nelle and both were eating a cracker. It was the only way to calm them down.  The look on the nurses faces was priceless. In exasperation one said, “Can I go home now? I won’t be any good the rest of the day” It was only noon. Lol

The twins wouldn’t let me put them down. I guessed they figured I was going to leave the room again.  During all the tears and whining, the doc assessed them and I learned we are behind on a few things that were mastered effortlessly when I only had one child.  The twins are still bottle-fed and my littlest lady refuses to fall asleep without her bottle. Both NO-NO’S with their pediatrician. She gave me the mean look which was probably hard for her. She’s the sweetest thing! I never feel rushed with her and she works around my twins.  Another area in which the twins, or should I say mom is lagging, is reading to the little babes.

Operation read more and bottle weaning began right after we got home from their doc visit.  They refused to drink milk from the sippy cups so far.  I have three months until their 15 month checkup to break these habits.  I think we can do it and we will because mommy didn’t like being scolded by the doc.


This picture sums up his day perfectly. I can hear Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” playing. Lol

In other news, Nelle is working on tooth number five while big brother is rolling full steam ahead with numbers five through eight! 👀 . Naps still elude them, but at least they are still sleeping through the night.

No adventures for us until the weekend.  Hope you have a lovely Thursday!





So happy this is the final of the first year photo-shoot! Trying to get them to lie still and look at the camera at the same time IS WORK, but a great feeling when you’ve captured it.


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