I’m ALL ALONE, Art Discovery

My fellow mamas, what would you do with a kid-free, hubby-free weekend?

It was my FIRST weekend away from my big little family. The first time since 2011. No projects to finish. No one’s needs to occupy my mind. No butt-butt to change. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Absolutely NOTHING on the agenda.

Deep sigh. I wasted much of the weekend at home laissez-faire but I wanted some action. I need something to remind me of this precious gift of being ALONE. My adventure awaited…

My chosen destination: Meridian Hill Park. Where you ask? In Washington DC, of course. How original you say? Don’t judge me. It’s MY weekend. MY prerogative.

As I parked my car I could slightly hear the beating of the drums. It was a beckoning sound.The anticipation intensified.

I climbed to the top of the never-ending stairs, all fifty of them. Yes I counted them. I could hardly hide my disappointment with the turnout.


Little did I know I was in for a treat and, oh boy, what a treat it was!

It was around 3 in the afternoon. An absolutely beautiful summer day. Nestled above the city, now I could appreciate those fifty steps. A light breeze swayed the trees rhythmically. Shades of blue hugged the skies, not a cloud in sight.

With each passing hour the drum circle grew larger and larger. It was about Five o’ clock now. Things were in full swing. The dancers rhythmically swaying their hips with the beat of the drums. Spectators surrounded the performers, now standing room only…more families relaxing on the lawn on this gorgeous evening.



Meridian Hill Park is the kind of place where you bring a blanket, a picnic basket, some good company and exchange laughter on a Sunday afternoon!



Comradeship.  The unison with which they played. Their raw talents. Novices to expert, huddled in a circle. Young and old. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians. Indifference set aside…the beating of the drums uniting them. It wasn’t the sound of one trying to be superior; they all played to one beat.



This, my friend, is art! The beating of the drums felt in the depths of your being. Transcending you in time. You couldn’t help but sway your hips, stomp your feet, and bop your head. This truly should be experienced at least once, especially if you are a lover of the arts; but, even if you aren’t this might just very well be the introduction you need.

I can still hear one of the eldest performers, Mr Willie, yelling “Give it all you got. Is that all you got?” In such a playful way encouraging each artist to dig even deeper, if that’s even possible.

They say music heals the soul and for these few hours my soul wanted nothing more than to be engrossed in this moment in time; BUT, my stomach beckoned.

It wouldn’t be me without food, right? I treated myself to dinner at Sequoia while I soaked up the last few hours of being ALL ALONE. 🍷




I should and will do this more often.


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