Summer is unofficially-officially over! 🙊:'(

Am I the only one who is in denial this is happening? I REFUSE to accept that fall is almost here despite the leaves turning and fall fashion EVERYWHERE. Summer doesn’t officially-officially end until the 23rd so if you’re with me, let’s keep making summer memories. 🙂



You’ve probably heard of the coveted Hamptons in upstate New York where celebrities flock to their lavish mansions from Memorial Day through Labor Day. They host grand parties, sun bathe on their yachts, and dine at the finest restaurants when not being served by a chef in the comfort of their swanky homes, of course. I wouldn’t mind experiencing a week of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Growing up in New Jersey, just three hours away (with the traffic-god on your side), I used to think the Hamptons was reserved for A-listers. Like, somehow a yacht or a private plane was required for entry and or acceptance. I DREAMED of visiting until last year when we celebrated one of my dear friend’s 30th birthday in Amagansett. I was almost 6 months pregnant with the twins.

Contrary to what you believe, the Hamptons is not only for the exclusive; you, too, can enjoy this summer getaway. Time isn’t on your side this summer, but you can make plans for next year. ☺

The Hamptons provides a great escape from the overly congested city of New York. It is just hours away and offers access to numerous public beaches, quaint little villages with quintessential Hamptons-style. If you’re like me, window shopping is about all you will do, but that’s still great fun.

We had a lovely day at the beach.


I’m not sure about playing in this stuff

It doesn’t taste too good either

The first lighthouse in New York State.


We watched the sunset at the beach then settled in for the night. It was a LONG night. The kids were restless. They are horrible sleepers when not in the comfort of their own beds. In fact, this trip is making me reconsider overnight trips. They were awake before the sun even had a chance to kiss the sky.

We grabbed breakfast from
Pierre’s in Bridgehampton. An ABSOLUTE MUST despite the exorbitant prices. Personally, I recommend dining in for breakfast and ordering the French Toast. It may not sound like much from the menu’s description, but it’s THE BEST French Toast I’ve ever had. Its so fresh and just melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more with each bite. Before you know it, you’ve devoured the entire thing! You might even be tempted to order a second.

We drove to Sag Harbor and had breakfast at the pier, watching tiny boats to mega yachts depart for their adventure. It was a lovely morning. It’s always a great Saturday when you wake with nothing on the agenda and a view like this.

With stomachs full it was time for a different view. We were off to the beach in Montauk but opted for Amagansett Square to unwind before our drive home.

Always putting on a show 🙂

We feasted on cold refreshments and snacks from Mary’s Marvelous . I recommend their mango smoothie and the CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFIN is to die for!! If you are a chocolate lover, it is worth every single calorie.

The strawberry smoothie was rather delicious too. My boy didn’t want to share with his sister.

In total agreement with my two year old, “I wish we had a beach house so we wouldn’t have to go home” 😐


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