Three weeks ago (8.19) the twins had their 12 month checkup and we needed to work on a few things:-
1. Read more
2. Transition to whole milk
3. Get rid of bottles
4. Ditch the binkie

Reading Is Fundamental
I knew I should’ve been doing this A LOT more but it’s easy to use my three year old as an excuse; BUT No more excuses.

I’ve been reading to them at least once every day when we’re at home, typically early morning (before 7 a.m), mainly because I’m not ready to go downstairs to start our day. Somehow, staying in their room feels like the day hasn’t started. They don’t listen to the stories half the time, but I’ve also been making a conscientious effort to do more educational things with them, but big sister is my priority.

Transition to Milk in Sippy Cups

Switching to milk wasn’t the difficult part. They would drink the whole milk if it was in their bottles, but REFUSED if it was in a sippy cup. They would literally GO hungry rather than drink out of a cup. I remember one day baby girl was so upset; almost an hour after falling asleep she was having palpitations.


We tried several different sippy cups. They really liked this orange one by Nuby and of course we couldn’t find a second one. So they fought A LOT. I don’t think the type of cups was the issue; they were just testing me to see if I was serious.

They will be defiant. They will cry A LOT. The key is staying consistent. It hurts you more than it hurts them; It truly does. The first week was the hardest week. They fussed excessively. Morning. Noon. Night. Sometimes I gave them their bottles just to stop the crying, but look at them now…


She can be so silly sometimes

He even knows how to rotate the cup when the milk is almost finish. That’s big boy status. Lol

NO Binkie Allowed

The big Kahuna. This is the one I’ve dreaded the most! Nelle ONLY used a binkie when her brother was using it. She would literally snatch it out his mouth. So half the battle was done. He’s been attached to his orange binkie since birth.  They are like two peas in a pod.  There are plenty of pics.

Once I was successful with #2 and #3 I started to SLOWLY ditch the bink.  I took it away during the day and he didn’t fuss at all but I would give it to him at bedtime. We did this for about two weeks.

I figured with summer’s unofficially end, so too shall his bink.  After Labor Day weekend, we returned home and he hasn’t seen the binkie since. He cried the first three or four nights but now just like his bottle, the binkie is a distant memory. 💃💃

I’m so glad this phase is over!!

If you’re going through these phases, it will get better, I promise 🙂

TIP:- Use sippy cups without a straw because you will have to teach them about when to and not to tilt the cups

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