Labor Day

The last hooray of summer. The last trip to the beach. The last cookout.  The last weekend to rock your white wardrobes.  The last weekend before everyone is off to school and back to their routines.  Why must summer end? 😥 Well it doesnt have to…at least for a few more weeks. The perks of a Stay At Home Mommy. 🙂

While we didn’t make it to the beach like I planned, we had a lovely weekend in Virginia with my in-laws.

Saturday morning Hubby and I had a kid-free run in Maymont Park . We jogged 2.5 miles.  We had to enjoy the views in the Japanese Garden.




After breakfast we took the kids to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (I LOVE this place, if you haven’t figured that out by now)




The sand pit was a new discovery after all my trips here. Can you believe that? I told you before this place thought of everything!


The kids had water and sand so it was like going to the beach…right? More or less

Sunday evening we had a little family gathering. It was great watching the twins play with their cousins.


And if that wasn’t enough, we surprised our oldest with a trip to Kings Dominion with her buddy Brenden.

This photo captured my heart.


Here my son checks Brenden about playing with his big sister 😀


I live for days like these with my little family; and, being able to spend it with another wonderful couple was the icing on the cake.

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

If you’re not off to school or work, then officially there’s still two more weeks of summer!

What adventures will you seek before summer ends?


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