Recipe:- Baked Poppers with Chorizo & Bacon


We tried a recipe the other night 🙊

I’m not a fan of recipes. I hate measuring things. I feel like whatever I’m making need to look exactly like the recipe pictures or else it’s a failure.  So to avoid such failures I don’t cook with recipes.

I’m an old school type of girl when it comes to cooking. Think of your grandma (I was raised with mine) a little dash of this and that and at the end you lick your fingers or your bowl and smile.  That’s how I cook. A splash of this , that, and a whole lot of Old Bay.  Nothing tastes the same twice. I must admit sometimes I create something so good that I wish I had wrote it down but that’s the beauty of cooking. Right? Trying to create the masterpiece again and again.

Anyway we decided to try this

Poppers w/ Chorizo & Bacon Recipe

and LOVED it.  It is a very easy recipe. Anyone can do this. Even you. Give it a try. The instructions sounds more complicated than they actually were…maybe that was just us. Like I said I hate cooking with recipes. Too much reading. Too much measuring.

This is all you need

We used half the chorizo and added extra mozzarella cheese. Also we opted not to use the shrimp because we didn’t want to spend the extra money. I haven’t mentioned how frugal I am?

The poppers were delicious. They definitely didn’t taste like anything was missing. This recipe will leave you wanting more but those jalapeños…FIRE but worth the burn.

We absolutely will be making this again especially now that it’s football season. If my team is half as good as these poppers it will be a good season.

TIP:- The longer you cook the jalapeños, the less spicy they will be.

Please let me know what you think if you decide to be adventurous and give it a try.


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